Belgrade Cemetery

Photographed some time ago

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This rather small crypt is particularly depressing and spooky. If you don't believe in supernatural forces, this is the place to test your convictions.

Most important : come here on your own, this is between you and the ghosts only.
Before you switch off your flashlight (you wouldn't want to scare the inhabitants away) memorize the corridor you're standing in, make sure there are no holes ahead. Now switch off the light, stand there for at least 5 minutes until your eyes have adapted to the darkness. Notice the complete absence of sound.


Walk slowly with steady pace.

Notice how keeping a steady pace is almost impossible: some graves seem to be begging for attention.
At some point the air felt like a brick wall, stopping me. It required all my strength to keep going. Convincing myself not to pander to superstitious nonsense I continued, to realize only seconds later that I may have turned my back onto a needy soul...















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