Barracks of La Chartreuse

Photographed 2000-2006

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In the city of Liege, next to the abandoned hospital Le Valdor, stands a huge, abandoned barracks that dates back to about 1817.
It was built by the Dutch as a fortress and taken over during Belgium 's fight for independence in 1830.
During the First and Second World Wars it was used by the Germans as a prison.
For a short while La Chartreuse became a US military hospital. In 1982 the Belgian Army pulled out, leaving this historical place die a slow death.

A couple of days after one of my visits the body of a woman was found. She was stabbed to death with a knife that was found a couple of meters from the body. Security has been beefed up since then : a new fence keeps trespassers out and a sign saying “life rottweilers running on the site” should stop you from climbing that fence.

















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