Barracks of La Chartreuse

Photographed 2000-2006

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La Chartreuse has always given me the creeps.

I encounter strange people on every visit : a naked photographer who was being photographed by his model (yes, in that order), a guy taking an enormous risk running over a high wall to escape from me.

In the 1990's a young boy died under suspicious circumstances.

There are many cellars and underground ammunition storage rooms. People say there is a tunnel all the way to the citadel. When I ventured in the dark cellars, a dog suddenly jumped out from one of the many passageways and started barking and growling at me. There wasn't enough light for me to see the dog (not that I was interested in any way), all I know is that it took me no more that a couple of seconds to climb out of the cellar and run for my life (with success).

















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