Photographed May 2002




This place was the HQ of a mighty Belgian institution. Diplomats, powerful businessmen and traders from all over the world were received here. Visitors just had to be impressed by the size of this overseas shipping fortress and the show of wealth.

One can still sense the luxury and technology of the sixties.

The loud snapping of glass breaking under one's feet is now muffled by thick carpet on the floor. There are cushioned doors, oak furniture, spacious rooms with large windows and private baths. What a grand life it must have been to be CEO, at CMB, in the sixties!

By the way...there is a mysterious woman waiting for you...but of course you might have been expecting that! :)























update 2003 :

The majestic Compagnie Maritime Belge headquarters has now been completely demolished. Nothing but an empty lot remains...waiting for a new building, that one day will be abandoned and demolished!



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