Du Parc

Photographed July 2005 - 2007
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The factories along Louis Paul Boon's Kappellekensbaan no longer vomit sooty black clouds over the exploited workers. The street where it always rains, even when the sun is shining, is quiet now.

Anarchic squatters have broken into the caretaker's quarters at the side of the street. The stickers on the door cannot be misunderstood: police are not welcome.

A lever was used to lift the heavy metal gate just high enough for a person to crawl under.

The yard leads to the factory and the offices: from anarchy into the warm hands of the patriarchal Flemish boss. There is a crucifix on every wall, luxury furniture, fitted carpets and (empty) safes with thick doors. The workshops are decorated with only the playful publicity pictures of the house brand. Even in its desolation this factory exudes the solidity and reliability that once made its stockings world renowned.





















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