Industrial Espionage



Received Dec 22 1999 from Megazoid. Pictures from the industrial town of Cherepovets, Russia. People have a strange way of greeting each other here.



Received Jan 25 2000 from special agent Kerbdogma : Grist mill in Juliette, GA.
(Cars were removed for privacy)


Underground Agent Rich Polysorbate 60 has sent me some tapes recorded in the L.A. drainage pipes. The sound is exclusive, so is the smell.

Size of the .wav file is 344KB, so be patient. Not allowed under 18 years.

Some say that no one has ever seen Troy "Desert Rat" Paiva by daylight. I can tell you that he has been spotted around sunset at a Chevron station in the Mojave desert.

Now it is finally proven that the German Wirtschaftswunder is based on espionage in Belgium !


1992. Steel mill, Weirton USA


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