Industrial Espionage


How to escape from high security prison Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay ? Our most evil spy Tom "sailorman" Paiva was sentenced for a lifetime but escaped and photographed his route.
Needless to say he took a rusty boat to leave the island.






Special Agent Petr Kazil, better known as Tarzan has climbed over 823 different sorts of trees. It is not known if he climbed these "fence-trees" around the port of Rotterdam.


Although the international community is very curious about this Russian plant in the vicinity of Moscow, undercover agent Volod doesn't want or cannot publish any more information about this top security building.






The mill of an old mine in Colorado. Mark -coyote- Magnan, the man who shot Jesse James, also shot this picture.


By staying just for the night, Georgina and her lover chased away all the costumers of this beautiful resort at Patzcuaro, Mexico ! 



Folkstone after the cataclysm ... by Rachel Maher !



Luc -of the woods- has caught some interesting Belgian factories just before demolition. Damn ! I should've been there myself :)




/\/\arc -markov- Vermeersch has always taken his job seriously : as a student he infiltrated the carcoke zeebrugge factory, and now he used a holiday to Spitsbergen with his wife as a cover up.


My job is to announce things.
I have been staying late at work,
professing my love for her over the loudspeakers
into the empty body of the factory

Neal von Flue

Fed up with Eilat 5 star hotels ?

Join secret agent * * * * * * (name hidden for security reasons)
on the "abandoned encampment trail" through Israel.




Take the train in an abandoned railway station in Berlin destination
Grands Moulins de Pantin near Paris and meet
 "agent spéciale" Rémi (from the new castle) !




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