Industrial Espionage


Ever dreamt of having your own little house in the spanish sierra ?
Ignacio Evangelista will satisfy even the smallest budgets !




the pentax man, the nikon man and the leica man
"guys, just one more step backwards for the photo !"


When the grey mice have left the church, secret agent 24:01 shows up to gather inspiration for his Industrion Series




Orangery located in Dalkeith, Midlothian Scotland by magician Beryl who enrages the Gods of Dark Skies with evil darkroom techniques.

In 1990, Swedish Navy Officer Oscar Wager fell off his boat, swam for 5 days in a row and discovered the Lost Ruins of Sao Tome and Principe ...


Hugh Dempsey rides ghosttrains through Ireland.
There are no timetables, just show up around midnight.






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