Industrial Espionage


Cowboy jason's favorite camping spot : Sentinel, 120 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona. Nearby is the site where the Oatman family was massacred by the Indians, three surviving members, the son left for dead and two sisters kept as slaves by the Indians.




Meanlizard sneaked in the backyard of Donetsk Physical Technical Research Institute to capture this strange fountain for technological testing.



Entropy the orderly disorder of decay.

This is where Robert C. Marsala goes shopping : Waterbury Brass mill toxic waste shopping mall.

Thanks, Robert !




Ninja and I met in this downtown police station while they were photocopying our id cards.

He got caught exploring the furnace ruins in Chiba, Japan.







The home of special agent "firefly" : his garage, fridge and bedroom !

Abandoned mine shaft once used for Civil Defense. Illinois, USA.






Vadbka, King of the Northern Capital and his 300 year old Castle.








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