Flanders Farm

Photographed in 2007

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I could never sleep at night.
I lay terrified, waiting for his footsteps coming up the creacking stairs, praying they wouldn't stop at my door.
They often did.



I confess to Almighty God,
to blessed Mary ever Virgin,
to blessed Michael the Archangel,
to blessed John the Baptist,
to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul,
to all the Saints,
and to you, Father,
that I have sinned exceedingly,
in thought, word and deed:
through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.
Therefore I beseech the blessed Mary, ever Virgin,
blessed Michael the Archangel,
blessed John the Baptist,
the holy Apostles Peter and Paul,
all the Saints,
and you, Father,
to pray to the Lord our God for me.






















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