Photographed summer 1995





The town of Lede, near Aalst, has a seven acre park in the center of town, surrounded by a high wall. It is impossible to climb up and jump over this wall, thus a ladder is required. This is not an option, however, since you would be spotted immediately. Therefore, you need to find a nice, friendly neighbor, who will let you through their garden to climb over the wall. In any case, it's worthwhile letting someone know where you are, as this is a very tricky place to navigate safely!
Apparently, there is a guard with a nasty dog. He should make his rounds every 2 hours, but I was there for half the day and was not disturbed by anyone.


over 30 years of decay ...


Mystical light in the chapel

The chapel, not one broken window here ... 
does God exist after all ?


One of the many corridors in the school-portion of the building

Horror movie scene:

A cast iron cross falls from the roof…a screaming monk falls on his knees as the cross stops one meter above the ground…held up only by the lightning rod ground cable.



There are several buildings and each one is worth a visit. Beware! Most of the floors are constructed of wood which has been rotting for quite a while.

The first map, showing the Castle of Mesen, dates back to the year 1628. For centuries, it has been a strategic castle, used as a fortress (which was destroyed in 1581 and rebuilt by the end of that century).
Subsequent owners have used the castle grounds as a distillery of gin, sugar and potash refinery, convent and boarding school.
The chapel and school buildings date from the beginning of the 20th century.

You can still see traces of the castles past…dormitories, bath rooms, classrooms, kitchen, and chapel. The Castle of Mesen was a place of wealth and unmistakable beauty!


Ritual killing or just bad luck ?
This dove died nailed to the wall

Stairway in good condition



The Castle in May 2001

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