Rio Grande do Norte

Photographed in 2007

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It's almost impossible to find really abandoned places in this part of the world : people just aren't wealthy enough. Places are either heavily guarded or worn out by the poorest of society.

The woman who lives in this "house" has only 4 fingers left : her former boyfriend cut off the others during a rage attack.

Drugs and alcohol take their toll.











Getting lost in a city is a good way to run ito surprises ...

This huge theatre has lost its attraction to the public. I wonder who the red seat was for.











Later that day I was invited in a "very special house" that used to be the local radio station. The owners just let me in and left me taking photos on my own, I felt like a burglar.
I can still feel the drops of sweat running down my back ... how would this guy, sleeping on the floor, have reacted if the shutter of my camera had woken him up ?







Cão Bravo

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