Pictures taken August 2001


The factory is huge. It took me 3 days to visit every room, to climb every ladder, to open every door, to explore the dark cellars and the pigeon-shit-attics.

This factory has ceased operation around 1997 and it appears like nothing has changed much since then. In my explorations I consider wooden structures as extremely unreliable and concrete as almost sure. Steel comes in the middle : when it's not too much corroded it's fine. When you start seeing holes through the steel it might not be safe. Here in Zeebrugge is the first time I saw steel so badly corroded : entire structures have become very unsafe : with a finger you can pierce holes through what used to be solid steel plates. Is it because of corrosives ? or just the salt of the nearby sea ?

Don't walk on the tubes and gang boards to explore the most remote parts ... better look at the photographs !














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